The House Of Israel
Reunited, Inc.

P. O. Box 1406
Inverness, FL 34451

Phone: 352-419-5703
FAX: 352-344-0225

Jew and Gentile

One in Messiah
In Everything You Do Worship Him

Sharing the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith with:
Passover Teachings
The Feast of Trumpets
Biblical Feast Workshops
Consulting Churches & Schools
Hosting Biblical Gatherings
Hebrew Classes
Torah Study

We provide dedicated speakers and dancers who will host, or help host, special events for your congregation or school.

If you desire to have a deeper understanding of Y'shua/Jesus, the Appointed times of G-d or the Temple and how it points to the Messiah, then give us a call.


If you hunger and thirst for a deeper knowledge of Him and His ways.

Then Call today!

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